Who Are We?

Started in 2012 Isaac W. recognized the struggle small shop owners go through by trying to keep their store shelves up to date for competitive prices. So Isaac decided to help them out with his buying experience. Congratulations! Mix N More is born. 
Through the coming years mix n more got affiliated with more and more stores. Helping them grow their selection and sales stress-free.
After numerous positive responses from local shop owners. It was clear that Mix N More has to take on the next level. So we expanded our service with an online presence, serving shop owners through the entire country.
Fast forward 2016 after multiple requests from consumers interested in our products and couldn't find it in their local stores mixnmore.com opened their doors to the end user market.


What We Do?

For Wholesale Customers

With our professional team of buyers & researchers, we are ready & experienced to find and fulfill any special product or quality you need. As a customer, you just have to let us know your needs and we commit ourselves to find and fulfill it whatever it is. Whether it is a unique hard-to-find product or a request for a better price & quality (sometimes a larger variety in any specific category) we will find it, have it, and sell it.

For Retail Customers

Not willing to buy full cases? Don’t worry! With a minimal shipping charge, we will sell & ship to you your small quantity orders for near wholesale prices.


What Can We Do For You?

We can get products to you faster than our competitors. We ship FedEx, USPS, and UPS. Whatever we've got to do to get your product to you fast, we find a way. If one shipping company can get your purchase to you faster, that's who we choose to ship with. Additionally, we provide free shipping on Wholesale orders within the Continental United States on all orders of $1500 and above. When you shop with us, you shop knowing that you are purchasing from a company with its customers in mind, delivering the fastest and most satisfactory service available.