30pc Screw-In Snap Stud Replacement Kit with Tools - Boat Covers, Canvas
30pc Screw-In Snap Stud Replacement Kit with Tools - Boat Covers, Canvas

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You've probably noticed there are dozens of methods and terminology for identifying snap sizes. Some refer to the size and or length of the screw used to fasten the stud; others use diameter of the stud barrel - but is it inside or outside-diameter? We provide every possible measurement so you know what you're getting. But first, here are the generally accepted standard terms for the snap components and how they all fit together: The STUD is the base or bottom of the snap and has a raised rim with a lip on it called the barrel. The studs in this set are attached to wood, fiberglass or other solid material by galvanized steel screws which are included. The SOCKET is the top-half of the snap and has a ring that's slightly larger than the barrel of the stud. To close the snap, the socket is forced over the barrel of the stud and makes a 'snap' sound. The socket has a center hole and is attached to canvas or other material by means of a dome-shaped CAP with a hollow tube protruding from the underside. A small hole is cut or punched in the canvas-fabric where you want the snap located, usually with a hollow punch or other tool  which is not included. The tube of the cap is put through the hole from the top side of the fabric and then through the socket. The cap and socket - with the fabric between them - are permanently mated by rounding-over or flaring the end of the tube with the flaring tool, silver bottom anvil base for the top part of the button and black top base - included. DIMENSIONS: stud barrel inside diameter 1/4", OD 3/8" stud barrel height 3/16", stud diameter at base 1/2". Stud screw major diameter .125 ,1/8",  #8, screw length from bottom of stud 5/8". Socket inside diameter .37", OD .53", socket height .15". Cap diameter .58", tube OD .15", tube length 3/16". Additional pieces available separately.
  • Premium-grade replacement fasteners with setting tools; made in Taiwan
  • Brass & steel with corrosion-resistant bright nickel finish for outdoor and marine applications for maximum protection from elements
  • Galvanized steel stud screw with Phillips head, #8 x 5/8" length. Screw into wood, fiberglass, metal.
  • Set of 6 studs with screws and 6 each socket and cap, galvanized steel mandrel and anvil make it easy to crimp center stud.
  • Each kit can replace/provide up to 6 missing or broken snaps on boat and RV covers. See below for size and dimensions