Battery Cut-off Switch
Battery Cut-off Switch

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Battery Cut-off Switch

Auto Battery Cut Off Switch Disconnect Kill Solid Brass With 2 Removable Keys

This Item Features:

-Helps prevent battery drain when storing & repairing cars/trucks

-Provides the most effective way to avoid auto theft

-Can also cut off power on racing cars & prevent fire

-Durable brass terminals, nuts & washers

-Rust & corrosion resistant

-1/4" X 3/4" Studs

-(2) 3/16" mounting holes

-2 Removable keys included

-Capacity: 300 AMPS

-5/16" brass terminals

-Solid brass nuts and washers

-Extend the life of your vehicle's battery

  • Brand:CTT TOOLS
  • Country/Region Of Manufacture:China