IIT 30040 Garden Scoop Large 4" Scoop Plastic

IIT 30040 Garden Scoop Large 4" Scoop Plastic




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Ever been fertilizing your garden and see that it calls for 1 cup of fertilizer? how do they expect you to know how much that is when you're kneeling on the ground with dirt up to your elbows? you're certainly not going to bring your measuring cups to the garden, that's for sure. This sturdy plastic garden scoop might be just the thing for you. It is great for use with mulch, potting soil, birdseed, or fertilizer and has measuring lines in fractions of a cup to dispense the correct amount of each. Also works for digging up sand at the Beach. Easy to clean, smooth plastic construction; Rinses off easily.
  • Extra wide 4" scoop mouth
  • Ideal for Mulch, potting soil, seed, birdfeed, fertilizer, etc
  • Easy to clean plastic construction: just Rinse off
  • Measurements in fractions of a cup on inside of scoop
  • Big value, little price!