ProTool Lawnmower Blade Sharpener-Works with Any Power Drill

ProTool Lawnmower Blade Sharpener-Works with Any Power Drill




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The blade of your lawnmower can make tens-of-thousands revolutions to cut millions of grass-blades each time you mow the lawn. Over time, even soft grass can degrade the blades edge - not to mention the inevitable stones, sticks, dirt and debris. Most manufacturers recommend the blade be sharpened at least once a season and now you can do it yourself without having to remove the blade and make a trip to the hardware store. Fits in the chuck of most power drills or die grinders (for most effective sharpening, spindle speed should be greater than 900 RPM.) Hardened steel shank, tough nylon blade-guide and long-life medium-grit grinding stone.
  • Makes it easy to get sharp edge on mower blade without gouges or unevenness; maintain blade balance
  • 1/4" shank fits any power drill; built-in guide produces proper edge-angle; permanent grinding stone
  • Brings back original blade-edge sharpness, helps eliminate blade nicks from rocks & sticks
  • Get cleaner cuts with finer clippings for healthier lawn; mow faster & with less mower effort
  • Works on most mowers without blade removal - make your blade like-new in less than 10 minutes