RamPro Galvanized Steel Spring Snap Hooks & Quick Link Set - Assorted Length & Gate Clearances

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Snap Hooks & Quick Links measure: • 2" long with 3/16" (3mm) Gate Clearance • 2.5" long with 1/4" (6mm) Gate Clearance • 3" long with 5/16" (8mm) Gate Clearance
  • Assorted Set of Ram-Pro Zinc Galvanized Steel 3pc Snap Hooks & 3pc Quick Links
  • Versatile binding, rigging and anchoring hardware - allows fastest connect/disconnect
  • Snap Hooks open by Push gate in - auto-close spring gate with interlock tooth prevents load forcing open
  • Quick Links are for fast & secure connections without lock, attaching chain or cable
  • Superior strength, excellent rust/corrosion resistance