Slice 10558 Smart-Retract Utility Knife with Safe Ceramic Blade


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Slice's Auto-retractable utility knife gives you a long blade to cut through thick materials--including triple-walled cardboard--then pulls back to keep you safe when you're done. Features a heavy duty reliable glass-filled nylon handle. Rotate the blade edge quickly and without tools to adjust for right- or left-handed use.
  • Blade Automatically Retracts For Safety (Release Finger from Slider Button to Release Blade) = Great for Cutting Single to Triple-walled Corrugated, Foam, Paper, Film, Vinyl and more!
  • Stays Sharp Up To 10X Longer Than Steel + Single Ceramic Blade Equivalent Up To 20 Single Sided Metal Blades
  • Press & Hold Slider Button to Safely Control Blade (Blade is hidden by default) + Durable GFN (Glass Filled Nylon) Handle
  • Ceramic Blades Never Rust, They Are Non-Conductive, Non-Magnetic, Non-Sparking , Chemically Inert And Have An Oil-Free Finish (Perfect For Clean Rooms)
  • Easy, No-Tool Blade Change = Less Blade Changes = Less Money = Less Downtime = Less Injuries