Slice Mini Cutter Knife


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This powerful mini tool will be your new best friend around the house, at the office, in shipping and receiving, or on the manufacturing floor. The auto-retracting 10515 can handle just about any common material up to 10 mm deep, but is safe to the touch because of Slice’s unique blade. Traditional blades are sharpened to excess because metal dulls quickly. This workaround increases the blade’s lifespan but puts the user at risk for lacerations. Traditional ceramic blades mimic this dangerous sharpness. Slice developed a patent-pending grind that starts out at a safe, effective sharpness, and stays there up to 11 times longer than steel. The 10514 is designed to keep everyone safer. To change the blade orientation for left-handed users, use the no-tool blade change switch at the back to open the cutter and move the blade into the opposing slot. Because the blade is finger friendly, handling and changing the blade is much safer. Rounded-tip blades do not require sharps box disposal. The auto-retracting version of this popular tool retracts the blade into the handle as soon as you let go of the slider, so you never accidentally leave the blade exposed. A manual version with two preset cutting depths is also available (see 10515). As with any blade, Slice blades are not intended to withstand a side load. Please do not use the blade as a screwdriver, or to pry anything open. It is not recommended to use the blade against a very hard surface, such as hardwood or concrete. This Mini Cutter features an onboard magnet and lanyard hole to keep it close by. It’s ideal for cutting materials such as clamshell packaging, paper, packing tape, double-walled corrugate, box board, flexible plastics, leather, and vinyl sheeting. Both Mini Cutters are compatible with the 10404 (rounded tip) and 10408 (pointed tip) blades. Cutters include one installed 10404 blade when shipped.
  • Slice safety blades' unique cutting edge might seem dull, but it cuts right through your material while keeping you safe! Slice blades are finger-friendly and safe to the touch. Cuts Right or Left Handed!
  • Other blades are dangerously sharp. Slice blades start at a safe and effective sharpness and stay there 11 times longer. Installed rounded-tip blade guards against punctures.
  • Onboard magnet keeps this ambidextrous tool handy. Use easy, no-tool blade change mechanism to flip the blade over for a new edge, or to switch sides for left-handed use.
  • Multi-use tool is perfect for packing tape, boxes, card stock, retail garment bags, clamshell packaging, flexible plastics—handles just about any packaging challenge.