WordLock KS-052-BK Stor-More Key Storage Box with 4 Dial, Black

WordLock KS-052-BK Stor-More Key Storage Box with 4 Dial, Black




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WordLock KS-052-BK Stor-More Key Storage Box with 4 Dial, Black

Stor-More Key Safe holds keys, key-fobs, credit cards and more. It is made of reinforced stainless steel body to withstand sawing and hammering. Door-knob hanging and wall-mountable in one with 10,000 possible word combinations!


The Stor-More key storage box from WordLock holds keys, key-fobs, credit cards, thumb drives, and more. Constructed of reinforced stainless steel body, it's made to withstand sawing and hammering. And this personalized, resettable four-dial WORD combination lock offers 10,000 password choices for maximum security.

Words Are Easier to Remember Than Numbers

Scientific studies have shown that words are much easier to remember than numbers. With the easy-to-set WordLock Stor-More key storage box (model KS-052-BK), you'll never forget your word-based combination.

With 10,000 possible letter combinations, you can choose a four-letter word that's easy for adults and kids to remember, and is more secure than a key lock. And when you want to change your password, WordLock makes it easy to re-set the lock to a new word. Stop struggling to remember someone's birthday or street address, when you can simply choose a 4-letter word that has meaning to you and your family.

Security, Reliability, Easy to Use

Take a solid aluminum locking head, a stainless steel body built to withstand hammering and sawing, corrosion and rust resistance to withstand the elements... and you have one tough, key safe. Once you have entered your four-letter personal code word, the stainless steel safe detaches from the lock, so you can empty your keys, credit cards, or smart key into your hand. Or reach in and drop up to 30 keys into the safe. Simply screw it back in and enter your private password. Now you have complete security that's backed with a lifetime warranty.

Two Mounting Options

WordLock brings you the only key safe that offers two mounting options in one product. With your Stor-More Key Safe, you can choose to mount the safe to a wall, and the package includes all the hardware you'll need for mounting. Alternatively, you can simply hang the key safe on your door knob, fence, or anywhere with its vinyl coated, anti-scratch hardened steel shackle.

The Biggest Little Key Safe

The stainless steel bottle key safe offers more space for smart keys, credit cards, or even half of a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich for your hungry little student! Recognizing that keys have changed but key safes have not, the Stor-More key safe will hold the new, larger automotive smart keys in addition to up to 30 standard keys, credit cards, or whatever items you need to lock in an outside safe.

What's in the Box

Stor-More key storage box; mounting hardware; operating and installation instructions

At a Glance

Personalized, resettable word combination lock with four dials offers 10,000 password choices for maximum security

Aluminum locking head, stainless steel safe withstands hammering or sawing, hardened steel shackle

Holds up to 30 standard keys, large smart auto key, credit cards

Two mounting options -- hanging or mounted

Lifetime warranty

Other Great WordLock Products

With WordLock locks, just match the same color and word on the lock and key, and find the right key fast!

  • LOCK WITH WORDS: The Stor-More Key Storage Box from WordLock is a one of a kind security storage device. Instead of using numbers, this lock features a 4-digit letter pad, so you can use your own custom word as a combination.
  • BUILT TOUGH: This lock features a solid stainless steel padlock bolt and cylinder. The Stor-More Box’s is non-corrosive and rust resistant body is built to last in the toughest conditions, so you can be sure that all your belongings will stay safe.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Normal key boxes aren’t big enough to hold more than one key, but the Stor-More Key Box is designed with an oversized storage container. It easily fits credit cards, oversized key chains, garage door openers, car keys, and more.
  • HANDY: The Stor-More Box can be attached to door knobs, or even walls with the included wall mounting hardware. Perfect for children, real estate agents, vacation homes, and construction workers.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: The Stor-More Key Storage Box from WordLock is designed to hold Holds Keys, Key-Fobs, Credit Cards & more. The stainless steel body is corrosion and rust resistant, and is tough enough to withstand sawing and hammering.